Architecture For Humanity

Custom Campaign Sites

Our office mates, Architecture for Humanity came to us with an interesting challenge.  They needed a micro-site to attract donors to their annual campaign, but also wanted the ability to easily create and publish micro-sites for new campaigns on the fly.  We worked with their team to design and develop a full screen landing page and site theme that could be whipped up by virtually anyone on their staff.  We are happy to see that the system we designed has already been put to good use on projects such as Restore the Shore, a major Hurricane Sandy rebuilding effort. 

UCLA Program in Global Health

Streamlining Applications to Fight HIV/AIDS

UCLA Saphir, part of the UCLA Program in Global Health, is an eleven month training program in Lima and Rio de Janeiro for physicians studying the causes and effects of HIV/AIDS in Latin America.  With its faculty and staff spread across L.A., Lima, Rio, and beyond, the program organizers needed a more efficient application system as well as a crisp looking site to attract quality applicants.  We were asked to move their application process online, simplify their review methods, and design a new site to convey the mission, leaders, and students of the program.  

Project New America

Following America's Shifting Demographics

Project New America is a private company that provides candidates and advocacy organizations with the tools and strategies to understand and communicate with a rapidly changing America.  Over the years PNA has accumulated a vast set of polling data and qualitative research that they offer to clients on a subscription basis.  Our task was to take this pool of information and design a new interface around it to help PNA's clients find the most useful data concerning any state, issue, or demographic they sought.  We created a responsive layout for both the front and back-end of the website and gave clients the power to search, filter, and even bookmark important pieces of data. 


Changing Health in America

The Healthbook Movement aims to improve health in America by pairing financial incentives with a proven method of positive reinforcement.  Currently in private beta testing, Healthbook is a fully responsive web tool that allows its users to take a simple daily survey on their smartphones in order to receive rewards from retail and business partners.  We were asked to deliver the entire product from start to finish, including the brand identity, user experience design, and development of the responsive layout. 

AIDS/Lifecycle - Experience

A live look at the Ride to End Aids

AIDS/Lifecycle is 545 mile bike ride from San Franciso to Los Angeles that raises money and awareness for the fight against HIV/AIDS.  For this year's ride, the San Francisco Aids Foundation sought a new 'Experience' page to highlight all of the amazing photos, videos, and stories, as captured live by multiple authors, during the 7 day ride.  We created a live blogging platform where users can follow the ride and easily filter content by type, author, and date.  The site is fully responsive, meaning that users can easily follow the action on their mobile phones right from the course.


Send Real Goods to your Favorite Nonprofits

The guys at GivingSomeThing came to us with an idea that we immediately recognized as a revolutionary way to donate to nonprofits. In short, we were asked to leverage the Amazon API to build a custom site where nonprofits can create "Wishlists" of any item that Amazon sells. Donors are then able to view these Wishlists, purchase the items, and have them ship directly to the nonprofit's front door. The site utilizes a clean, straightforward user experience that will hopefully inspire users, who would not normally give money to charity, to GiveSomeThing instead.

NYC Public Advocate

The Office of Bill de Blasio

We teamed up with the Grassroots Initiative to develop a rich, interactive site for Bill de Blasio, the Public Advocate for the City of New York.  The site helps residents keep tabs on their politicians and become more involved in the issues surrounding the city by signing petitions and signing up for newsletters.  The Open Government Initiative, a cornerstone of the site, has been featured in the New York Post and on the radio.


Colorado Consumer Health Initiative

Winner of the 2012 Pollie Award for Best Membership Organization Website.

The Colorado Consumer Health Initiative (CCHI) needed one central location to send supporters and those in need of health care resources.  CCHI's website redesign included a custom theme and blog, comprehensive fundraising integration, and an interactive health care providers map.  The new website helps CCHI achieve barrier-free access to quality, affordable health care for all Coloradans by providing a wealth of information and resources for both the insured and uninsured.


Send eGreetings for a Cause

Every year organizations around the country sell hand drawn paper cards to benefit their cause.  After years of spending the time and money to individually address, stamp, and enclose each card they purchased, the founders of DrawntoGive knew there had to be a better way.  We partnered with DrawntoGive to create one fluid customization system that allows users to choose a card, add a custom message or photo, upload their contacts via webmail, outlook, or excel, and send the card via email.  The egreetings, usually drawn by children, are touching and personal. Even better, a portion of the sale is donated back to the partner organizations.

Nate Easley

Denver School Board President

When a politically motivated group tried to recall Denver School Board President Nate Easley, we were brought in to quickly build a rebuttal site to serve as a rallying point for Nate's numerous supporters.  The site featured all of the tools of a full campaign website, and the recall movement was squashed before it even got off the ground.  

Ballot Initiatives

for State and Local Elections

We also have experience designing logos, print materials, and full websites for State and Local Ballot Initiatives.  These projects include work in healthcare, education, and immigration.  

Michael Hancock

for Mayor of Denver

We developed a full political website for Michael Hancock's 2011 campaign for Mayor of Denver, including live video feeds from a number of his conferences and a video gallery featuring his numerous supporters. Albatross Digital was also brought on to consult and execute the campaigns' social media strategy. The result was a landslide victory for Michael, a long shot at the outset who beat out half a dozen candidates over the course of a two year campaign.

Revampt Goods

Recycled Home Furnishings

Having recently opened in Denver's upscale shopping neighborhood, Cherry Creek, Revampt Goods needed a fresh, bright website to showcase their eclectic inventory of reclaimed, recycled, and repurpsed home furnishings.  We designed a site with large image galleries that highlight the store's new products so that when a piece arrives the owners just snap a photo and upload it into their custom CMS.  The site's textured backgrounds and hand-drawn details reflect the store's recycled goods and upbeat atmosphere.

The Alagados Project

Scholarship Program

Film director Sylvia Johnson needed a website for her non-profit that sprouted from a documentary film about art students overcoming the odds in Brazil.  We delivered a website with lots of photos and a couple of advanced features, including an online store and mailing list.  The website uses the Drupal CMS, so Sylvia can easily update and add new content.  The fully-featured online store lets visitors purchase DVDs and T-shirts with payments processed by PayPal.

Evans Hagen & Company

Advisory Firm

Evans Hagen and Company is a New York based advisory firm that specializes in two very different fields, investment banking and litigation support.  We were challenged to design a site that served both arms of the company while reflecting a calm and professional character.  We re-designed the company's identity and organized what was once an overwhelming amount of content into an intuitive, easy to interpret website.

Bernie Buescher

for Colorado Secretary of State

We designed the website for Bernie Buescher's 2010 campain to return as Colorado Secretary of State.  Visitors can sign up for a mailing list, pledge to host an event and volunteer, or donate directly from the website.  Members of the media can download hi-res copies directly from the photo gallery.

Cary Kennedy

for Colorado State Treasurer

We developed a complete web presence for Cary Kennedy's 2010 campaign for Colorado State Treasurer. The site incorporated a unique homepage with two boxes to highlight recent news from the campaign as well as rich volunteer, contribution, and sharing tools. The website helped Cary raise more money than any state-wide, non-gubernatorial campaign in Colorado history.

Rotation Films

The filmmakers at Rotation Films wanted a website that highlighted their work as well as provided an online sales avenue and a deeper look into their films.  The classic layout highlights their work while also providing advanced interactive features such as;

  • Black and white buttons in the corner let visitors change site theme on-the-fly.
  • Embedded Flash video player for video clips
  • Dynamic page content loading with AJAX

    East Bay for East Africa

    We developed an informational website to help spread the word and solicit donations for The East Bay for East Africa Foundation, an Oakland, CA non-profit that builds schools in rural Kenya.  East Bay for East Africa is dedicated to helping young adults in East Africa become economically self reliant. Working in partnership with rural African communities they provide resources and financial assistance to establish and sustain technical schools that provide job training.